What Other People Are Saying About Katie-Ellen…

“Andy Kindler’s Alternative Show at the Rio was highlighted by Jaden Basie, a Biebs-like hip-hop kid (and creation of Vancouver’s Katie-Ellen Humphries) who tagged every joke by pointing at someone in the audience and saying, “This guy’s been there! He know what I’m talking about!” But the character had an unexpected depth, too. He/she was a crowd favourite even in a show with the hilarious Todd Glass, who had fun with musical cues and Kindler heckling him from off-stage and on-.”
– Guy MacPherson, Georgia Straight, Feb 2017. Link to Full Review.

“Local comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries opened for Aparna Nancherla at the Biltmore last night, yet another example of planning perfection in matching comics at JFL NorthWest this year. Humphries has the 30s crisis act down to a T, her set spanning the price of pregnancy tests, online dating, and the ridiculousness of gender reveal parties. Her comedy is consistent and shows years of honing to perfection and her approachable nature always comes across. She even manages to pull back the curtain and call out gender inequality in comedy without being heavy-handed. This, among other reasons, makes her come across just as likeable and accessible as the headliner.”
– Becky Belzile, Exclaim!,Feb 2017, Link to Full Review.

“…a more in-depth and self-aware set from Katie-Ellen Humphries, who attacked marriage tropes and coming to terms with your mid-30s with the tenacity of a younger Megan Mullally. Humphries did more stuff on dicks and prostates than the kind of neuroses typically associated with female comics.”
Alan Ranta, Exclaim!, Feb 2015. Link to Full Review.

“Katie-Ellen Humphries was a pleasant surprise. I’ve been hearing good things about her for a while – so, contrary girl that I am, I wasn’t expecting much. But I would have been impressed even if I had been expecting a lot from her. She has Ben McGinnis’ finesse with a pause, a mean streak a mile wide, and she’s physical and expressive, which means she’s fun to watch.

Now, usually when an audience doesn’t “get” a comic, I’m inclined to put some of the blame on the comic. But sometimes crowds take political correctness too far…and this was definitely one of those times. Humphries didn’t let it bother her, though, which was a relief for those of us who were enjoying her. Can’t wait to see more of this girl.”

“I really have an affection for comedians who can be mean. Humphries is one of those comedians. She has some very clever, and often cruel, observations of society that I found to be hilarious. Unfortunately, the rest of the audience wasn’t really having it. She got a few loud laughs, but it seemed like some people might have actually been a little offended. Grow up, folks. It’s a joke. Laugh a little. Or in Humphries’ case, laugh a lot, because she deserves it.”

“Katie-Ellen Humphries headlined; if you haven’t heard her yet, she’s almost unique in stand-up for playing immature instead of jaded, serving up adorkable jokes about lost cats, gym clothes and queefs. D’aww . . .”
– Chris Felling , Culture Vulture Magazine
K.E. NOTE: I do not now, nor have I ever, performed a joke about a queef.

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