The following comedians continually thwart my efforts for stage time and the adoration of strangers…

Linda Fletcher, Fairfield B.C.

Linda Fletcher

Linda took the mic for the first time at a divorced women’s group in 2009 and has been making with the funny ever since. A graduate of the “LOLforLife” comedy class, Fletcher enjoys using her life experience, cooky spirit and unique perspective to help others.

Jay "Been There" Baxter

Jayden (Jay) “Been There” Bacey, Anaheim, CA

Know as the “Been There” comedian for his ability highlight those classic “been there” moments, Jay’s comedy is like being hit by a hilarious hurricane. Jay storms audiences with his high-energy performance, has been featured on the website and at clubs up and down the West Coast.
His self-produced comedy album “Been There Done Her” is being released this summer.

“I am societies child, this is how they made me, and now I’m sayin what’s on my mind”
– Tupac Shakur

[The video goes out of focus for a wee bit near the beginning but it comes back in shortly]

Chrissy Greer, Northridge Elementary

Name: Chrissy Anne Greer
Age: 7 and a quarter years old
Likes: Jokes, pizza and playing with my friend Aiden’s dog who’s name is Oscar

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